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A new acquisition of the MUS-E® Network, MUS-E® CYPRUS has been just formed (2018) as a non-profit organization that operates in Cyprus.
A first nucleus of musicians and artists is ready to launch the 2019-2020 programme on the island.  This includes:


Activities in primary schools: artistic projects with mainly three different art forms, music, visual arts and drama, will be developed during curricular hours.
The activities include:
  • Presentations/workshops for the teachers of the selected schools, held by the MUS-E artists and the MUS-E national pedagogical coordinator;
  • Weekly schedule:  the MUS-E artists will deliver sessions of 90 minutes in each year 2, 3 and 4 class of the selected schools.

Forms of arts and disciplines:
Music: singing, (traditional) music from various cultures, percussions, choir singing, music creation. (Special attention is paid to listening and to silence, breathing and the perception of sounds)
Fine arts: painting, sculpture, drawing, photo, video
Drama: theatre, word, role play, mime, facial and body expression, tale.

To be added next:
Dance: traditional, contemporary, classical. (Special attention is paid to the perception of movement and of the body, improvisation and the corporal expression of the imaginary world)
Writing: creative writing, story-telling, creation for the radio.
Multi-media: radio, television, new technologies (recording and managing sounds and images)
Crafts: creation and construction of objects and instruments, installations.

MUS-E applies the CAT model:
MUS-E focuses on the three main stakeholders in a school environment: Children, Artists and Teachers (CAT) who are equally protagonists in the program with the following aims:
  • experience a feeling of shared pleasure in team work and collective dynamics;
  • can enhance their own potential: the artist and the teacher support the child to make him/her aware of his/her capabilities and to acknowledge them through individual and collective creation and production;
  • develop artistic awareness;
  • are able to discover senses, body, space, imagination;
  • are inspired by creativity and curiosity to learn;
  • can re-establish links with one's own culture, while discovering those of the others. They can discover the differences between themselves and the others, just like the values and advantages of being muticultural;
  • learn new forms of communication;
  • enjoy more the school environment, learning and the relationship with their teachers
  • develop creativity, exactly what most future jobs will require.

  • create new partnerships, both with other artists and with the school environment;
  • futher enhance their pedagigical skill;
  • provide their crucial and exclusive service to the community;
  • qualify the role of arts and artists in society;
  • create art works.

  • experience meaningful and pleasant moments with the class and gain new value in the classroom community;
  • discover new abilities within their students;
  • enrich their pedagogical skills, particularly concerning the educational effectiveness of the art;
  • enrich their approach to the arta and their teaching strategies;
  • acquire new artistic skills;
  • are more collaborative, more creative, artistic and enthusiastic.
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